Commonly Used Abbreviations

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Here is a small list of commonly used abbreviations in research.

Abbreviations Meaning
a.m. ante meridiem (before noon)
p.m. post meridiem (after noon)
anon. anonymous
app. appendix
art., arts. article, articles
assn. association
assoc. associate, associated
AD, A.D. anno Domini
BC, B.C. before Christ
bibliog. bibliography, bibliographer, bibliographical
ch., chs. chapter, chapters
col., cols. column, columns
cond. conducted by, conductor
Cong. Congress
dir., dirs. directed by, director, directors
E., Eng. English
ed., eds. edited by, editor, editors, editions
e.g. exempli gratia (for example)
enl. enlarged
esp. especially
et al. et alii (and others)
etc. et cetera (and so forth)
ex., exs. example, examples
fig., figs. figure, figures
hist. history, historian, historical
i.e. id est (that is)
illus. illustrated, illustrator, illustration(s)
intro., introd. introduced by, introduction
ips inches per second
jour. journal
L., Lat. Latin
lang., langs. language, languages
LC, L. C. Library of Congress (leave a space if periods are used)
mag. magazine
n., nn. note, notes
narr., narrs. narrated by, narrator, narrators
n.d. no date
no., nos. number, numbers
n.p. no place (of publication); no publisher
n. pag. no pagination
NT New Testament
OT Old Testament
OE Old English
op. cit. opere citato (in the work cited)
p., pp. page, pages
par., pars. paragraph, paragraphs
PhD., Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy
philos. philosophical
pl., pls. plate, plates, plural
pref. preface
prod., prods. produced by, producer, producers
pt., pts. part, parts
pub., pubs. published by, publication, publications
qtd. quoted
rept., repts. reported by, report, reports
rev. revised (by), revision, review, reviewed (by)
rpm, r.p.m. revolutions per minute
rpt. reprinted (by), reprint
sc. scene
sec., secs. section, sections
ser. series
soc. society
St., Sts. Saint, Saints
supp., supps. supplement, supplements
tech rep. technical report
trans. translated by, translator, translation
ts. typescript
U.S. United States
v., vs. versus (against)
v., vv.; vs., vss. verse, verses
vol., vols. volume, volumes

Days and Months:

 Days Months
Sun. Jan.
Mon. Feb.
Tues. Mar.
Wed. Apr.
Thurs. May
Fri. June
Sat. July

United States Territories

States States
AL Alabama MT Montana
AK Alaska NE Nebraska
AS American Samoa NV Nevada
AZ Arizona NH New Hampshire
AR Arkansas NJ New Jersey
CA California NM New Mexico
CO Colorado NY New York
CT Connecticut NC North Carolina
DE Delaware ND North Dakota
DC District of Columbia OH Ohio
FL Florida OK Oklahoma
GA Georgia OR Oregon
GU Guam PA Pennsylvania
HI Hawaii PR Puerto Rico
ID Idaho RI Rhode Island
IL Illinois SC South Carolina
IN Indiana SD South Dakota
IA Iowa TN Tennessee
KS Kansas TX Texas
KY Kentucky UT Utah
LA Louisiana VT Vermont
ME Maine VA Virginia
MD Maryland VI Virgin Islands
MA Massachusetts WA Washington
MI Michigan WV West Virginia
MN Minnesota WI Wisconsin
MS Mississippi WY Wyoming
MO Missouri
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