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Writing research papers and doing school works give you the opportunity to improve your knowledge contributing to your academic success and later to your career and life.

Many students work really hard for their academic success but some students cheat. Some borrow past papers from friends who already took the course and present the ideas in the papers as their own. Some borrow the ideas from others without crediting the sources, etc…

What is plagiarism?

A lot of people say “plagiarism” is “stealing”. I like to think of “plagiarism” as borrowing other people words and ideas without crediting the sources/writers.

Think of your school years as a training period to prepare yourselves to be successful later in your life. If you don’t train hard, you will loose your career opportunities to others.

To avoid plagiarism in your research papers, all you need to do is crediting the writers for their works, their ideas. This website will show you how to cite your sources through clear instructions and examples. Check out the MLA Format menu bar on the right.

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